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Safelayer Secure Communications S.A.
Joint Stock Company
Industry Public key infrastructure
Founded 1999
Headquarters Spain
Products KeyOne CA
KeyOne VA
KeyOne TSA
KeyOne RA

Safelayer Secure Communications S.A. is a Spanish private company founded in May 1999. It develops software products on the Public key infrastructure area (digital security for the identity management, electronic signature and data protection). Safelayer's technology is part of the three major certification and digital identity projects in Spain: Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre, the Spanish ID card DNI electrónico[1] and the Spanish E-passport. Safelayer's technology also secures the NATO[2] X400 messaging system.

Safelayer's technology has been EAL2 and EAL4+ Common Criteria certified. Currently, Safelayer is the only company with a whole family of products CC EAL4+ certified[3][citation needed].


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