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Saint-Chamond 75 mm gun in the IDF History Museum.
Type Field gun
Place of origin  Mexico
Service history
In service l
Production history
Designer Manuel Mondragón
Manufacturer Saint-Chamond
Caliber 75 mm
Breech interrupted screw
Carriage single trail

The Saint-Chamond-Mondragón 75mm gun was specified in the 1890s by Mexican General Manuel Mondragón, designed mostly by Colonel Émile Rimailho, and produced by the French arms manufacturer Saint-Chamond. It was widely used by different forces during the Mexican Revolution.[1] It was also used in modified form to arm some of the French Saint-Chamond tanks deployed during the First World War.

Israel purchased a number of pieces from Mexico in 1948[2] and used them in the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. Because of its Mexican origin, the gun was known in Israel as Cucaracha. Three surviving pieces are on display in Israeli museums: two in the Israel Defense Forces History Museum in Tel Aviv, and one in Beyt ha-Gdudim museum in moshav Avihayil.


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