Saltbox (album)

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Red Aunts Saltbox.jpg
Studio album by Red Aunts
Released 1996
Genre Punk rock
Label Epitaph
Red Aunts chronology
#1 Chicken
(1995)#1 Chicken1995
Ghetto Blaster
(1998)Ghetto Blaster1998

Saltbox is the fourth full-length album by the Red Aunts. It was released in 1996 on Epitaph.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Whatever"
  2. "I Can't Do Anything Right"
  3. "Paco"
  4. "All Red Inside"
  5. "Suerte"
  6. "Eldritch Sauce"
  7. "Fake Modern"
  8. "Handsome Devil"
  9. "The Snake"
  10. "Ruby (What I Won't)"
  11. "$5"
  12. "Palm Tree Swing"
  13. "Bullet Train"
  14. "Goin' Downtown"