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Sam Browne (26 March 1898 – 2 March 1972)[1] was an English dance band singer, who became one of the most popular British dance band vocalists of the 1930s. He is remembered for singing with Jack Hylton and with Ambrose and his Orchestra, at the Mayfair Hotel and Embassy Club, with whom he made many recordings from 1930 to 1942, and for his duets and variety performances with the singer, Elsie Carlisle.


Gramophone record of 1934. Sam Browne sings Stars fell on Alabama accompanied by Bert Ambrose and his orchestra.

Born in London, England, Sam Browne's first recording was made with the Jack Hylton band on 23 August 1928, "That's My Weakness Now", issued on HMV B5520. The band at that time included Jack Jackson (trumpet), Lew Davis and Leo Vauchant (trombone), Chappie D'Amato, E.O. Pogson, Billy Ternent (reeds) and Hugo Rignold (vn).

Over approximately a year and a half, Browne made over 100 records with Hylton, including sessions in Berlin and Milan, and was to return to the studios with the Hylton band between 1938 and 1940.

Browne first recorded with Bert Ambrose's band on 8 February 1930, the titles, on the Decca label, were "A Little Kiss Each Morning" and "Body And Soul". It was recorded again on 22 February with a violin solo by Eric Siday. By March 1930, Ambrose had switched to the HMV label, and more Browne recordings began to appear such as "Moanin' For You" (B5813) "Cryin' For The Carolines" (B5814), "A Bench in The Park" (B5842) and "Leven Thirty Saturday Night" (B5847).

Browne's work with Ambrose took him to Monte Carlo and Biarritz, coupled with regular radio broadcasts from the Mayfair Hotel. Browne and Elsie Carlisle became a popular singing pair with Ambrose. Popular duets with Elsie include "What Wouldja Like For Breakfast?" and "I'm Gonna Wash My Hands Of You".

A reader of music, Browne's confident and warm delivery made him popular with bandleaders and record buyers. With the publication of a full discography it is now clear that Browne made over 2,000 recordings. Some of the other bands that featured him included Alfredo (on Edison), Bertini (on Eclipse), Harry Bidgood (on Broadcast), Harry Hudson (also on Edison) and Lew Stone (Decca).

Browne was featured in several British films, including Calling All Stars, Variety Parade and Hi Gang, as well as on numerous film shorts.

Browne worked with Bebe Daniels and Ben Lyon: before World War II in Radio Luxembourg's Rinso Radio Revue, and during the war in the 'Hi Gang!' radio series. After the war he continued to tour and record.


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