San Giuseppe a Chiaia

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San Giuseppe a Chiaia
Chiesa di San Giuseppe a Chiaia
The façade.
Location Naples
Country Italy
Denomination Roman Catholic
Architectural type Church
Diocese Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Naples

San Giuseppe a Chiaia is a church in Naples, Italy. Founded as a chapel for the Jesuit Order; it was enlarged during 1666-1673 under designs by Tommaso Carrere.


With the suppression of the Jesuit Order, the church changed management. About 1817, under the patronage of Ferdinando I it became a hospice for the blind called the Casa di San Giuseppe e Lucia.

The interior has a paintings of St Ignatius of Loyola by Luca Giordano, Family of the Virgin by Nicola Malinconico, a St Anne and Holy Family by Francesco di Maria.

Coordinates: 40°50′00″N 14°13′42″E / 40.833210°N 14.228225°E / 40.833210; 14.228225


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