San Pier Maggiore, Pistoia

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San Pier Maggiore in an 1865 canvas

San Pier Maggiore is a Romanesque-style, former Roman Catholic church in Pistoia, region of Tuscany, Italy. The church is notable for its exterior polychrome decorations, one of the last examples in the city.


The church probably dates to Lombard times. It was enlarged in 1086 and again in 1124, receiving its current appearance in 1263. The central portal's architrave is attributed to the workshop of Guido da Como, and depicts a "Jesus Giving the Keys to St Peter, with the Virgin and the Apostles". The façade has maintained the original Romanesque appearance, and, like the nearby church of San Bartolomeo in Pantano, is divided into five compartments with bichrome decoration.

In 1640, the interior was largely restored and enriched with Baroque-style decorations. Today the church is deconsecrated, and the former convent now houses the State Institute of Arts. In the matronaeum are exhibited work by the Pistoiese sculptor Andrea Lippi.


Coordinates: 43°55′57″N 10°55′14″E / 43.93250°N 10.92056°E / 43.93250; 10.92056