Sant'Atanasio a Via Tiburtina

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Church of Saint Athanasius on Via Tiburtina
Sant'Atanasio a Via Tiburtina (in Italian)
S. Athanasii ad viam Tiburtinam (in Latin)
Pietralata - S. Atanasio 03.JPG
Facade of Sant'Atanasio a Via Tiburtina with the large cross in front.
AffiliationRoman Catholic
Ecclesiastical or organizational statusTitular church
LeadershipGabriel Zubeir Wako
Year consecrated1961
LocationRome, Italy
Geographic coordinates41°54′43.18″N 12°32′39.63″E / 41.9119944°N 12.5443417°E / 41.9119944; 12.5443417Coordinates: 41°54′43.18″N 12°32′39.63″E / 41.9119944°N 12.5443417°E / 41.9119944; 12.5443417
Architect(s)Ernesto Vichi
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The Church of Saint Athanasius on Via Tiburtina (Italian: Sant'Atanasio a Via Tiburtina, Latin: S. Athanasii ad viam Tiburtinam) is a Roman Catholic titular church in Rome, built as a parish church. It was consecrated 11 March 1961 by Cardinal Clemente Micara. On 28 June 1991 Pope John Paul II granted it a titular church as a seat for Cardinals.[1]

The present Cardinal Priest of the Titulus San Athanasii ad viam Tiburtinam is Gabriel Zubeir Wako.


The structure of the church is in a Greek Cross, with four large windows, each representing respectively the Eucharistic symbols of the body and blood, Saint Athanasius, and the Holy Spirit. The main altar is semicircular, and of granite with the Last Supper in the background. Left of the altar is a picture of the eighteenth-century painting of the Assumption, and on the right is a baptismal font with travertine dome, closed by a cover bronze statue of John the Baptist.

List of Cardinal Priests[edit]


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