Santa Apollonia (Pisa)

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Church of Santa Apollonia
Sant'apollonia pisa 12.JPG
Basic information
Location Pisa, Italy
Geographic coordinates Coordinates: 43°43′11.55″N 11°24′5.73″E / 43.7198750°N 11.4015917°E / 43.7198750; 11.4015917
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Province Pisa
Architectural description
Architect(s) Mattia Tarocchi
Architectural type Church
Architectural style Baroque
Groundbreaking before 1116
Completed 1777

Santa Apollonia is a church in Pisa, Italy.

Once called San Pietro a Schia, this church is known from documents from 1116, and a reconstruction in 1277. In 1777, the Pisan architect Mattia Tarocchi reconstructed the church in Baroque style. The interior houses the altar and stucco and mural decorations by Tarocchi, and paintings by Aurelio Lomi, Pandolfo Titi, and the 19th-century painter Giuseppe Bacchini.


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