San Felice, Venice

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San Felice
Chiesa di San Felice lato est.jpg
San Felice in Venice
San Felice, Venice is located in Venice
San Felice, Venice
Shown within Venice
San Felice, Venice is located in Italy
San Felice, Venice
San Felice, Venice (Italy)
Basic information
Location Venice, Italy
Geographic coordinates 45°26′30″N 12°20′00″E / 45.44167°N 12.33333°E / 45.44167; 12.33333Coordinates: 45°26′30″N 12°20′00″E / 45.44167°N 12.33333°E / 45.44167; 12.33333
Affiliation Roman Catholic
Province Venice
Bell tower

San Felice is a church in Venice, northern Italy, located in the sestiere (district) of Cannaregio. It faces the eponymous campo (square), across the Strada Nova.

It was founded in the 10th century, although the first document mentioning it dates to 1117. It was reconsecrated in 1267 by the patriarch of Caorle and Jesolo after it had been deeply renewed. Starting from 1531, it was completely rebuilt in the style of Mauro Codussi.

The church has a square plan with two façades, the main one featuring pilasters with Corinthian capitals. The interior is on the Greek cross plan, with four pillars at the crossing supporting the arcades of the dome.

Artworks include a St. Demetrius attributed to the early Tintoretto (c. 1547) and a crucifix attributed to Andrea Brustolon. An inscription in the interior recalls the baptism of Carlo Rezzonico, future Pope Clement XIII, occurred here on 29 March 1693.


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