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Directed by Venu Nagavalli
Produced by Anand
Story by Cheriyan Kalpakavadi
Starring Mohanlal
Jagathi Sreekumar
Music by M. G. Radhakrishnan
Cinematography Vipin Mohan
Edited by G. Venkitaraman
Distributed by Tharangini Films
Release date
  • 21 April 1987 (1987-04-21)
Running time
158 minutes
Country India
Language Malayalam

Sarvakalasala (English: University) is a 1987 comedy/drama/romance Malayalam film directed by Venu Nagavalli, starring Mohanlal, Jagathi Sreekumar, Sukumaran, Adoor Bhasi, and Seema.[1][2][3]


It tells the story of an orphan college student Lal played by Mohanlal, who is taking his 3rd master's degree from a college and continues as a student in the same college to avoid being lonely. He lives in a home nearby college and lives from the leftover money obtained legally when he was a child. He is an affable person to all in the college. There are people who are teachers now, who were his classmates. His word as elder brother is taken as a final statement among students. Chakkara and his cohorts are the all-rounders team in college activities. Jeevan, is an orphanage friend of Lal's whom he meets among the new batch of students. Lal takes Jeevan and his sister Jyothimol as his family. Siddhan is a bohemian poet who is an alcoholic and friend of Lal who lives with him. Principal Achen, Charachira Achan and Kuttanad Achen holds the main roles in the college. One day Siddhan leaves Lal and goes for journeying, later news is received he was murdered. Jeevan who is in an mentally weakened state asks Lal to admit him to a Psychiatric hospital and look after his sister for a while. Meanwhile, Lal gets reacquainted with his old college flame Gayathri, who has now joined as an English teacher at the College. The College Annual Arts festival nears and everyone is readying for the function. Lal for mental well being of Jyothimol promotes her interest in dancing for the Annual Arts festival. After the dance Lal packs her bag and waits outside. Suddenly electricity goes off and someone sexually assaults Jyothimol, she cries out. The first to come at scene is Lal and everyone doubts Lal. The management charges case against Lal. Lal is arrested by the police. Before presenting him to the Police, the real culprit is found by the students. The management staffs along with the majority of the students come for the release of Lal. When Lal sees Jyothimol and Jeevan he becomes relieved and they hug each other. Principal Achen speaks the goodness inside a student who comes to college is like "standing under the golden canopy of thine evening sky and they lift their eager eyes to knowledge and values. Goodness always wins."



The music was composed by MG Radhakrishnan and lyrics were written by Kavalam Narayana Panicker.

No. Song Singers Length (m:ss)
1 "Athintho Theyyanthaaro" MG Sreekumar
2 "Athiru Kaakkum" Nedumudi Venu
3 "Panineerppoovithalil" K. J. Yesudas, KS Chithra
4 "Porunnirikkum Choodil" Latha Raju, Lathika


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