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湖山風景図 (The Lake and Mountain) - painting on silk by Satake Shozan

Satake Yoshiatsu (佐竹 義敦, November 24, 1748 – July 6, 1785) was a Japanese feudal lord (daimyō) of Akita and founder of the Akita ranga school of Western-style painting. He is more commonly known by his pen name, Satake Shozan (佐竹 曙山)

He was born in Edo. Along with his retainer Odano Naotake, he produced a number of paintings in the Dutch style and wrote three treatises on European painting techniques, including the depiction of perspective. He was also a student of rangaku (Dutch studies) scholar Hiraga Gennai, who he had invited up to Akita to advise him on management of the domain's copper mines (Akita was the primary source of copper to the archipelago and beyond in this period).


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Preceded by
Satake Yoshiharu
First Lord of Kubota

Succeeded by
Satake Yoshimasa