Satan's Mistress

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Dark Eyes
Poster of the movie Satan's Mistress.jpg
Movie poster
Directed by James Polakof
Produced by Beverly Johnson
Michelle Morgan
William H. Parker
James Polakof
Gary Rollason
John J. Smith
Written by Beverly Johnson
James Polakof
Starring Lana Wood
John Carradine
Britt Ekland
Kabir Bedi
Music by Roger Kellaway
Cinematography James L. Carter
Edited by George Trirogoff
Distributed by Motion Picture Marketing
Release date
  • June 1982 (1982-06)
Running time
98 min.
Country United States
Language English

Satan's Mistress (also known as Demon Rage, Demon Seed, Fury of the Succubus and Dark Eyes)[1] is a 1980 horror movie that was theatrically released in 1982. It is about a sexually frustrated housewife, Lisa (played by actress Lana Wood), who having been distanced from her husband (Don Galloway as Carl) begins having nightly trysts with an apparition that gradually takes on the form of a tall, dark stranger (played by Kabir Bedi of Octopussy) who turns out to be a ghost from the other side.

The film gives higher screen credit to Britt Ekland, who had only a minor role but more star power. Lana Wood is known to many as Plenty O'Toole from the James Bond film Diamonds Are Forever.

The film was released the same year as the similarly themed The Entity, differing in that the sex in Satan's Mistress is consensual.

The film has a cameo by veteran horror actor John Carradine as Father Stratten.


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