Scarlet Eggplant

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Scarlet Eggplant
Jiló (var. morro redondo) in a market in São Paulo, Brazil
Species Solanum aethiopicum
Cultivar group Gilo Group
Cultivar group members Many, e.g. "Black Stream," "comprido verde claro," "morro redondo"

Gilo (Brazilian Portuguese: Jiló) is a green fruit related to the tomato and the eggplant; the plant which bears it is also called the Scarlet Eggplant. It was once treated as a distinct species, Solanum gilo, but it is now known to be a cultivar group of Solanum aethiopicum (the Ethiopian Eggplant or nakati).

Gilo was broug from West Africa during the slave trade. It is still grown in West Africa, where it is sometimes called "garden eggs."[1]

Widely grown in Brazil, where it is known as jiló, it is normally cooked as a vegetable. The fruit "turns orange-red when ripe," but is usually picked and cooked while it is green.[2]

Varieties, Taste & Usage[edit]

Some varieties, like morro redondo, can have a bitter flavor which is an acquired taste. Solanum gilo 'Black Stream' has black stems and red or orange fruits; it is grown in France as an ornamental, and can be dried for winter decorations.

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