Bezirk Schwerin

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Bezirk Schwerin
Location of Bezirk Schwerin within the German Democratic Republic
Location of Bezirk Schwerin within the German Democratic Republic
Coordinates: 53°30′N 11°40′E / 53.500°N 11.667°E / 53.500; 11.667
Country German Democratic Republic
Subdivisions 10 Kreise and 1 Stadtkreise
Formed 1952
Dissolved 1990
Seat Schwerin
 • Total 8,672 km2 (3,348 sq mi)
Population (1989)[1]
 • Total 595,200
 • Density 69/km2 (180/sq mi)
Vehicle registration B

The Bezirk Schwerin was a district (Bezirk) of East Germany. The administrative seat and the main town was Schwerin.


The district was established, with the other 13, on July 25, 1952, substituting the old German states. After October 3, 1990, it was disestablished due to the German reunification, becoming again part of the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern except district of Perleberg went to Brandenburg.



The Bezirk Schwerin bordered with the Bezirke of Rostock, Neubrandenburg, Potsdam and Magdeburg. It bordered also with West Germany.


The Bezirk was divided into 11 Kreise: 1 urban district (Stadtkreise) and 10 rural districts (Landkreise):


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