Scream (Sarah Bettens album)

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Sarah Bettens - Scream.jpg
Studio album by Sarah Bettens
Released 2005
Genre Pop, rock
Sarah Bettens chronology

Scream is the first full-length solo album from Belgian rock musician Sarah Bettens. In 2004, Sarah released a five-track EP called Go. Four of the songs from Go were included on Scream; only "Grey" did not make the cut.

Scream was released in Europe on March 14, 2005, and in the United States on August 23, 2005.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Scream" (Emerson Swinford; Guy Erez; Matthew Gerrard; Sarah Bettens)
  2. "Stay" (Sarah Bettens; Steve Booker)
  3. "Come over Here" (Jimmy Harry; Sarah Bettens)
  4. "Not Insane" (Sarah Bettens)
  5. "Turn Around" (Sarah Bettens)
  6. "Go" (Sarah Bettens)
  7. "Don't Stop" (John O'Brien; Sarah Bettens)
  8. "Fine" (Greg Wells; Sarah Bettens)
  9. "One Second" (Sarah Bettens)
  10. "Sister" (Sarah Bettens)
  11. "She Says" (Greg Wells; Kara DioGuardi; Sarah Bettens)
  12. "Follow Me" (Sarah Bettens)
  13. "Don't Let Me Drag You Down" (Sarah Bettens)
  14. "I'm Okay" (Sarah Bettens)