Señorita Justice

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Señorita Justice
Senorita Justice DVD cover.jpg
Directed by Kantz
Written by Daniel Chiu
Daniel Wai Chiu
Starring Yancy Mendia
Mirtha Michelle
Michael Francis
Edith González
Eva Longoria
Tito Puente Jr.
Luis Garaza
Distributed by Lionsgate
Release dates
  • May 11, 2004 (2004-05-11)
Running time
86 minutes
Language English

Senorita Justice, one of the first features from the low-budget production house Breakaway Films. Yancy Mendia plays the role of Anna Rios, a lawyer who negotiates property agreements in the city of Miami. Anna learns that her brother was murdered in a gang-related attack and learns that her father had emotionally broken down. Not capable of opposing the call of her home, she proceeds to the cheesy B-movie streets where she was raised to look into the subject. She takes a sabbatical from work, and heads back to the pollo frito she once knew, sending her father on vacation so she can get down to business. It isn't long before she enlists the help of a transgender nymphomaniac childhood friend, named Vanessa (Mirtha Michelle), and rekindles an old flame, named Hector (Kalex), all in the name of avenging her murdered brother, who is kind of retarded. She meets two female cops, Garcia (Edith González) and Martinez (Eva Longoria) who are investigating the murder, but are renowned less for their detection skills. Both Garcia and Martinez become persuaded into believing that one of Anna's childhood friends, Hector, witnessed the slaying. He, however, became unwilling to cooperate.

Not satisfied with letting the police handle the investigation alone, Anna becomes Señorita Justice. She sheds her expensive city clothes for street clothes, embarks on a one-senorita mission of vengeance, crossing paths with scumbag after scumbag and beating the guacamole out of them. But Anna's search for the killers lead her to a sleazy gang leader named Mo (Michael Francis) who turns out to be under the thumb of a greedy local businessman, named Manny Sanchez (Tito Puente Jr.) who is determined to instigate a gang war to drive them out of the neighborhood for a real estate business. Anna eventually finds herself in over-her-head when she gets persuaded not only by Detective Garcia, but also Mo's gang members, and a mutant half-catfish Yakuza assassin hired by the real villains of the story which leads right back to her law firm where Anna works.

Señorita Justice was created as part of Breakaway Films' stated mission to distribute Latino/urban features for the home-video market.

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