Sea Devils

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For the DC Comics team, see Sea Devils (comics). For the 1937 film, see Sea Devils (1937 film). For the fictional monsters in Doctor Who, see Sea Devil (Doctor Who).
Sea Devils
Poster of the movie Sea Devils.jpg
Original cinema poster
Directed by Raoul Walsh
Produced by David E. Rose[1]
Screenplay by Borden Chase[1]
Story by Borden Chase[1]
Based on Toilers of the Sea 
by Victor Hugo[2]
Starring Rock Hudson
Yvonne De Carlo
Maxwell Reed[1]
Music by Richard Addinsell[2]
Cinematography Wilkie Cooper[1]
Edited by John Seabourne Sr.[1]
Coronado Productions[3]
Distributed by RKO Pictures[2]
Release dates
  • April 25, 1953 (1953-04-25) (UK)[4]
  • May 23, 1953 (1953-05-23) (US)[2]
Running time
91 minutes[5]
Country United Kingdom
United States[5]
Language English

Sea Devils (1953) is a British–American historical adventure film, directed by Raoul Walsh and starring Rock Hudson, Yvonne De Carlo, and Maxwell Reed. The story is based on Victor Hugo's novel Toilers of the Sea. The scenes at sea were shot around the Channel Islands, and much of the rest of the film was shot on location in those islands as well.[2]


The year is 1800, and Britain and France have been at war since 1798, in what later was to be known as the War of the Second Coalition. Gilliatt, a fisherman-turned-smuggler on Guernsey, agrees to transport a beautiful woman, Drouchette, to the French coast. She tells him she hopes to rescue her brother from a French prison. Gilliatt finds himself falling in love and so feels betrayed when he later learns that Drouchette is a countess helping Napoleon plan an invasion of Britain. In reality, however, Drouchette is a British agent working to thwart this invasion. When Gilliatt learns this, he returns to France to rescue her, just as her true purpose has been discovered by the French.



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