Sebben, crudele

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"Sebben, crudele" is an aria from Antonio Caldara's 1710 opera, La costanza in amor vince l'inganno (Faithfulness in love conquers treachery). Although the opera itself has been rarely performed in modern times, Sebben, crudele remains a popular concert aria. It has been recorded by Cecilia Bartoli, Beniamino Gigli and Janet Baker, amongst others.


Translation in English

Sebben, crudele,
mi fai languir,
sempre fedele
ti voglio amar.
Con la lunghezza
del mio servir
la tua fierezza
saprò stancar.

Tho not deserving,
you make me languish,
I will always
love you true.
With the patience
of my serving
your pride.
I will be able to tire out


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