Secret Killings of Assam (book)

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Secret killings of Assam: The Horror Tales from the Land of Red River and Blue Hills
Author Mrinal Talukdar
Utpal Borpujari
Kaushik Deka
Country Assam, India
Language English
Subject Assassination
Publisher Nanda Talukdar Foundation,
Guwahati, Assam
Publication date
January, 2009
Media type Print (Paperback)[2]
Pages 202
ISBN 81-89479-51-2

Secret killings of Assam: The Horror Tales from the Land of Red River and Blue Hills[1][2] is a compilation of reports on secret-killings of family members of ULFA by active connivance of Indian security forces between 1998 and 2001. It is based on reports of an enquiry commission formed for it as well as numerous news reports published at that time.[3] It is written by three veteran journalists - Mrinal Talukdar, Utpal Borpujari and Kaushik Deka[1][2][3] who also used to write on that issue when it was on peak time.[3] The book with 202 pages was published by Nanda Talukdar Foundation in January 2009.[1][2]

According to Borpujari, one of the writers, they do not have any intention to pinpoint the culprits through the book. “The aim of this book is not to start the blame game. But outside Assam, hardly anyone knows about this. Our aim therefore is to tell the world that such a horrific crime took place in Assam between 1998 and 2001,” he said.[3]

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