Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Utrecht

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Archdiocese of Utrecht
Archidioecesis Ultraiectensis
Aartsbisdom Utrecht
Wappen Bistum Utrecht.png
Country Netherlands
Territory Parts of the provinces Utrecht, Overijssel, Gelderland, and Flevoland[1]
Metropolitan Utrecht[1]
Coordinates 52°05′15″N 5°07′27″E / 52.08750°N 5.12417°E / 52.08750; 5.12417Coordinates: 52°05′15″N 5°07′27″E / 52.08750°N 5.12417°E / 52.08750; 5.12417
Area 10,000 km2 (3,900 sq mi)[2]
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2014)
750,000 (18.5%)
Denomination Roman Catholic
Rite Latin Rite[2]
Established 4 March 1853[2]
Cathedral Saint Catherine's Cathedral[3]
Patron saint Saint Willibrord
Current leadership
Pope Francis
Metropolitan Archbishop Wim Eijk[2][4]
Auxiliary Bishops Theodorus Cornelis Maria Hoogenboom
Herman Willebrordus Woorts
Emeritus Bishops Adrianus Johannes Simonis Cardinal Archbishop Emeritus (1983-2007)
Johannes Antonius de Kok Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus (1982-2005)
The location of the Archdiocese of Utrecht in the Netherlands
The location of the Archdiocese of Utrecht in the Netherlands

The Archdiocese of Utrecht (Latin: Archidioecesis Ultraiectensis) is an archdiocese of the Catholic Church in the Netherlands. It is the primatial see of the Netherlands. The Archbishop of Utrecht is the Metrolitan of the Ecclesiastical province of Utrecht. There are six suffragan dioceses in the province: Breda, Groningen-Leeuwarden, Haarlem-Amsterdam, Roermond, Rotterdam, and 's-Hertogenbosch. The cathedral church of the archdiocese is Saint Catherine Cathedral which replaced the prior cathedral, Saint Martin Cathedral, after it was taken by Protestants in the Reformation.


Historic diocese and archdiocese[edit]

Vicariate Apostolic of Batavia[edit]

Mission sui iuris of Batavia[edit]

Modern archdiocese[edit]


Pre-Reformation Bishops[edit]

Pre 1853 Archbishops[edit]

Post 1853 Archbishops[edit]

Source: Radboud University Library.[5]

Auxiliary bishops[edit]

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