2000–01 Honduran Segunda División

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The 2000–01 Segunda División in the Honduran second division was divided into two groups, the Central Zone and the North Zone; the top four teams from each group advanced to the Final round from which it would be determined the next Liga Nacional de Fútbol de Honduras team for the 2001–02 season.[1]

2000–01 teams[edit]

North group[edit]

Central group[edit]

Divisional movements[edit]

North group reduced to 12 teams with extra team going to Central group.

Final round[edit]


Palestino vs Comayagua[edit]

  • Comayagua advanced 2–1 on aggregate.

Atlético Independiente vs Social Sol[edit]

  • Atlético Independiente advanced 3–1 on aggregate.

Ingenio Villanueva vs Real Maya[edit]

  • Real Maya advanced 1–0 on aggregate.

Olimpia B vs Real Sociedad[edit]

  • Real Sociedad 1–1 Olimpia B on aggregate; Real Sociedad advanced on penalty shootouts.


Atlético Independiente vs Comayagua[edit]

  • Comayagua advanced 2–1 on aggregate.

Real Maya vs Real Sociedad[edit]

  • Real Maya advanced 7–4 on aggregate.


Comayagua vs Real Maya[edit]

  • Real Maya won 4–3 on aggregate; eventually Comayagua were promoted.