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Sergeant major instructor (SMI) is a British Army appointment held by warrant officers class 1 in the Small Arms School Corps and the Army Physical Training Corps and by some WO1s in the Royal Engineers.

Cadet forces[edit]

It is also a rank held by some of the civilian[1] adult instructors in the Army Cadet Force, ranking between staff sergeant instructor and regimental sergeant major instructor.[2] SMIs of the ACF do not hold a warrant and thus are not warrant officers, although their badges of rank are similar to those of an army warrant officer class 2.[3][4]


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  2. ^ "Potential Instructors & Adult Instructors". There are two routes of employment in the ACF; the adult leader without previous military experience would start as a probationary instructor denoted by the wearing on red shoulder boards and having attended and passed the Initial Training Course (a 7 day course normally held at Annual Camp or Preston) they would become a sergeant instructor. Promotion is available to sergeant major instructor, all of these levels are civilian based and their employment comes within a contract of employment. 
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