Seven Dollars on the Red

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Sette dollari sul rosso
Seven Dollars on the Red.jpg
Directed by Alberto Cardone, Melchiade Coletti
Produced by Mario Siciliano
Written by Juan Cobos
Music by Francesco De Masi
Cinematography José F. Aguayo
Edited by José Antonio Rojo
Release date
1966 in Italy
Country Italy
Language Italian

Sette dollari sul rosso (released in the United States as Seven Dollars on the Red or Seven Dollars to Kill) is a 1966 Italian Spaghetti Western film directed by Alberto Cardone. Its stars Anthony Steffen as the main character.

Despite the name similarity, the film is not a part of Sergio Leone's Dollars trilogy. Evidently the film was inspired by this. On release in the United States, several of the cast members and production team had their names changed for the English audience.

Some parts of the soundtrack, composed by Francesco De Masi, are featured in the videogame Red Dead Revolver.



The bandit Sancho kills the wife of Johnny Ashley, and because he cannot have a child of his own he abducts Johnny’s son Jerry to raise him as his own. Jerry grows up to become an evil man who kills his fiancée Sybil when she threatens to disclose his plans for a robbery. Johnny keeps searching to find his son and avenge his wife. He crosses paths with Jerry and in turn they save the other man’s life. Eventually Johnny confronts and kills Sancho. He learns about Jerry from Sancho’s wife. When the son comes to avenge his ”father,” Johnny tries to disarm him, but Jerry is accidentally killed without learning the truth.

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