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Publication information
Format Limited series
No. of issues 7

Seven (stylized as SE7EN) is a comic book edited by David Seidman and Ralph Tedesco. It was published as a hardcover edition by Zenescope Entertainment on January 15, 2008 and is based on the 1995 film Se7en directed by David Fincher. Zenescope acquired the license to adapt the film after building a strong relationship with New Line Cinema, the owner of the film.[1]

Publication history[edit]

The series, originally published in seven monthly issue series from September 2006 to October 2007, was collected in one hardcover volume in January 2008.

Plot summary[edit]

In a departure from the film, which was told from the perspective of two homicide detectives, Somerset (played by Morgan Freeman) and Mills (played by Brad Pitt), the book Se7en is told from the perspective of John Doe (the story's killer, portrayed on film by Kevin Spacey). Doe is attempting to use seven deadly sins to prove a point about the world.


Each 32-page issue featured a different creative team and a different deadly sin:

Date published Issue Title Creative artists
September 2006
SE7EN: Gluttony Raven Gregory, Tommy Castillo, and David Seidman
October 2006
SE7EN: Greed Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco & Arcana Studio
February 2007
SE7EN: Sloth Mike Calvoda & David Seidman
March 2007
SE7EN: Lust Christian Beranek, Adam Beranek and Steven Perkins
May 2007
SE7EN: Pride Whol, David Seidman, & J. Nobody
July 2007
SE7EN: Envy David W. Mack, Leif Jones & David Seidman
October 2007
SE7EN: Wrath Mike Calvoda, Brett Weldele and David Seidman


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