Sex & Philosophy

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Sex & Philosophy
Sex and philosophy poster rus.jpg
Russian poster
Directed by Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Produced by Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Written by Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Starring Daler Nazarov
Mariam Gaibova
Farzona Beknazarova
Music by Daler Nazarov
Nahid Zeinalpur
Cinematography Ebrahim Ghafori
Edited by Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Makhmalbaf Film House
Release date
  • 2 September 2005 (2005-09-02) (Montreal)
Running time
105 minutes
Country France
Language Russian
Budget $300,000
Box office $22,978

Sex & Philosophy (Original title: Sex O Phalsapheh) is a 2005 French-Iranian-Tajik film directed, written and produced by Mohsen Makhmalbaf. Starring Daler Nazarov, Mariam Gaibova, and Farzona Beknazarova, the film is set in Tajikistan.[1] Sex & Philosophy premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival in September 2005. It saw a theatrical release in South Korea, Turkey, Italy, Singapore and Russia. Sex & Philosophy was Tajikistan's official selection for the 78th Academy Awards but it was disqualified because English subtitles were not added to the film in the time allowed by the Academy.[2]


In the midst of a mid-life crisis Jan, a 40-year-old dancing teacher, decides to tell his four lovers about each other. He gathers them together to explain his actions, going into details about why he first started his affairs with each of them. He gives them each a watch and they leave. Later, he discovers that one of his lovers was also having an affair with three other men when she calls him to a similar meeting and begins explaining why she begins an affair with each of them.


  • Daler Nazarov as Jan
  • Mariam Gaibova
  • Farzona Beknazarova
  • Tahmineh Ebrahimova
  • Malohat Abdulloeva
  • Nadira Abdullaeva
  • Ali Akbar Abdulloev
  • Dilafruz Burkhanova
  • Lutfullo Davlat
  • Malika Gadoeva
  • Nika Gafurova
  • Gulrukhsor Gayurova
  • Turana Ismail
  • Tamanno Karimova
  • Nodira Mazitova
  • Nasiba Nasimova
  • Ahliddin Sharipov
  • Neekqadam Shohnazarov
  • Zarina Shugaipova
  • Nikolai Tibikin
  • Margarita Yen



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