Sfalassà Viaduct

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Sfalassà Viaduct
Viadotto Sfalassà
Viadotto Sfalassa, autostrada A3.jpg
Coordinates 38°16′17″N 15°48′12″E / 38.27130°N 15.80326°E / 38.27130; 15.80326Coordinates: 38°16′17″N 15°48′12″E / 38.27130°N 15.80326°E / 38.27130; 15.80326
Carries Autostrada A2 Italia.svg Autostrada A2 (Italy)
Locale Bagnara Calabra, Calabria, Italy
Design Beam bridge (Portal frame)
Material Steel
Height 254 metres (833 ft)
Longest span 376 metres (1,234 ft)
Architect Silvano Zorzi
Opened 1974

Sfalassà Viaduct is a 254 metre high viaduct near Bagnara Calabra, Calabria, Italy. The bridge is located on Autostrada A2 Salerno-Reggio Calabria Motorway and has a main span of 376 metres. It is the highest and longest span frame bridge in the world[1] and as of 2012 it is among the 30 highest bridges of any type. It is the second highest bridge in Italy after the Italia Viaduct. The Sfalassà Viaduct won the CECM European award three times.

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