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Developer(s) Flamefusion
Stable release
5 (5.0.107) / September 18, 2016; 10 months ago (2016-09-18)
Preview release
6 (6.1.1990) / October 14, 2016; 9 months ago (2016-10-14)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Type Clipboard manager
License CC-AT-NC
Website Project at GitHub

Shapeshifter is a freeware clipboard history manager, originally developed by defunct Flamefusion company and made open-sourced on GitHub later. It allows users to have several items in the Windows clipboard, which is normally limited to one single item.

Shapeshifter works by hooking onto the default clipboard hotkeys in Windows, to add extra functionality for hotkeys such as "CTRL + V" and so forth.[1] While some clipboard managers are only compatible with copying text, Shapeshifter can copy any format, including customized formats between other non-standard applications.[2]

The clipboard manager stores all data sets in the program database, but unlike many similar programs the saved clips are erased each time the computer is turned off.

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