Shapur Mishanshah

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Shapur Mishanshah (Middle Persian: 𐭱𐭧𐭯𐭥𐭧𐭥𐭩 𐭱𐭠𐭤𐭬𐭩𐭱𐭠𐭭), was a 3rd-century Sasanian prince. He was the second son of the Sassanian shah Shapur I, and was married to a certain queen named Denag, who bore him several children named Hormizd, Hormizdak, Odabakht, Bahram, Shapur, Peroz, and Shapurdukhtak. Shapur was during an unknown date appointed as the governor of Maishan by his father, and sometime later he gave his wife the honorific title of Dastgerd-Shapur. He died in 260, and was probably succeeded by his wife as the governor of Maishan.


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Governor of Maishan
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