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The Shauka living in the Johar Valley of Goriganga river in Munsyari Tehsil of the Pithoragarh district are also known as Johari or Johari Shauka. They are part of the larger Uttarakhand ethno-linguistic group, and one of the few of Uttarakhand tribes that shows a rich cultural heritage and adhere to the Caste system. Shaukas are the followers of Hinduism, and rely on the Hindu Brahmins to conduct religious ceremonies. Their main deity is Goddess Nanda Devi in Martoli and Milam.

The legend of Rajuli - Malusahi relates to Rajuli, daughter of Sunpati Shauka (A local lord/king of Johar) and Malusahi, scion of one of the branches of Katyuri Kings based out of Bairath near Dwarahat. The famous explorers Nain Singh Rawat (C.I.E.) and Kisan Singh Rawat belongs to the Johar valley.

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