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Shear may refer to:

  • Shearing animals, the collection of wool from various species. Sheep shearing is most common. See the article on "Wool" for other species


  • Bias (textile), in clothing design, fabric may be cut on the shear
  • Shear strength (soil), the shear strength of soil under loading
  • Shear line (locksmithing), where the inner cylinder ends and the outer cylinder begins in a cylinder lock
  • Shearing (manufacturing), a metalworking process which cuts stock without the formation of chips or the use of burning or melting
  • Shearing interferometer, in optics, a simple and very common means to check the collimation of beams by observing interference
  • Shearing in computer graphics, more commonly called page tearing
  • Shear (sheet metal), various tools to shear sheet metal
  • Shear, tilting and undercatering
  • Shear wall, a wall composed of braced panels to counter the effects of lateral load acting on a structure
  • Shear forming, different from conventional metal spinning in that a reduction of the wall thickness is induced

Solid materials[edit]

  • Shear (geology), a form of fault in rocks
  • Shear stress in physics, refers to a stress state that will cause shearing (see verb) when it exceeds a material's shear strength
  • Shearing (physics), the deformation of a material substance in which parallel internal surfaces slide past one another
  • Shear strength, shear strength


  • Simple shear, a special case of deformation of a fluid
  • Shear (fluid), in fluid dynamics, refers to the shear stresses and responses thereto in fluids
  • Shear rate, a gradient of velocity in a flowing material
  • Shear line (meteorology), an area of wind shear
  • Wind shear, a difference in wind speed or direction between two wind currents in the atmosphere


  • Cosmic shear, an effect of distortion of image of distant galaxies due to deflection of light by matter, as predicted by general relativity (see also gravitational lens)
  • Shear mapping, a particular type of mapping in linear algebra, also called transvection
  • Shear matrix in geometry, a linear transformation shearing a space



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