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Shep (1 May 1971 – 17 January 1987) was a famous Blue Peter dog, a border collie. Shep was bought by the BBC to replace Patch, one of Petra's puppies, born in 1965. He became the main Blue Peter dog when Petra died in 1977.

Shep is remembered by British TV viewers as inseparable from Blue Peter presenter John Noakes. Shep was excitable, and Noakes would often have to restrain him. Noakes' common refrain, "Get down, Shep!", became a catchphrase, and The Barron Knights released a song with that title. Shep left Blue Peter when Noakes departed in June 1978.

Shep also appeared with Noakes in six series of Go With Noakes, from 1976 to 1980. Shep belonged to the BBC, and so Noakes used a similar-looking dog named 'Skip' in a series of TV ads for dog food in 1978, which infuriated the BBC's Blue Peter production team. Shep died in 1987, and Noakes often became emotional when asked about him; he openly wept on an edition of The Weakest Link when hostess Anne Robinson asked him about the dog.[1]

Shep was bred by Audrey Wickham (née Hart), breeder of a number of notable pedigree Border Collies in the Sadghyl line.

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