Shirabad, Uzbekistan

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Shirabad is located in Uzbekistan
Location in Uzbekistan
Coordinates: 37°40′N 67°00′E / 37.667°N 67.000°E / 37.667; 67.000Coordinates: 37°40′N 67°00′E / 37.667°N 67.000°E / 37.667; 67.000
Country  Uzbekistan
Region Surxondaryo Region
District Sherobod District
Population (2000)
 • Total 24 200

Shirabad (Uzbek: Sherobod, Russian: Шерабад, Tajik: Шеробод) is a town in Surxondaryo Region, Uzbekistan. The European route E60 passes through the town.

The name is of Persian/Tajiki origin, standing for 'Lion's Lair' ("sher/shir" for lion, and "abad/obod" for English term, abode).

The city has a mixed Tajik and Uzbek population, with the former boasting a slim majority.