Declan Buckley

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For the garden and landscape designer, see Declan Buckley (designer).
Declan Buckley
Nationality Irish
Other names Shirley Temple Bar
Education Marketing
Alma mater Dublin City University (DCU)
Occupation Television personality
Known for Telly Bingo

Declan Buckley is an Irish television personality and drag queen from Dublin, Ireland, going by the persona Shirley Temple Bar. This name is a play on both Shirley Temple and a cultural area of Dublin city called Temple Bar. He also writes a weekly column in national newspaper, The Star on Sunday. He has a business degree.[1] He featured on several documentaries for Irish and British television, an Irish language programme by broadcaster TG4 was nominated for an Irish Film and Television Award in 2003.

A 1997 winner of the Alternative Miss Ireland competition which helped ignite his career,[2][3] Buckley hosts a weekly bingo and drag show in Dublin's largest gay bar, The George.[4]

In 2001, he caused a stir when Shirley Temple Bar took over the National Lottery gameshow, Telly Bingo, on Irish television. In 2004, Buckley began to present the show as himself.[5][6]


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