Keykavus I (Shirvanshah)

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Shirvanshah Keykavus
Shah of Shirvan
Reign 1294 - 1317
Coronation 1294
Predecessor Shirvanshah Akhsitan III
Successor Shirvanshah Keykubad I
Born ?
Died 1317
House House of Shirvanshah
Father Shirvanshah Akhsitan III

Keykavus was the 30th ruler of Shirvan.


There is not so much information about Keykavus. An inscription on Pir Husayn Khangah bears his name which leads to 693 Rajab, Hijri. He was father-in-law of Rashid-al-Din Hamadani's son Amir Ali. He was a vassal of Ilkhanate. No any information about him survives.[1]


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Keykavus I (Shirvanshah)
Born:  ? Died: 1317
Regnal titles
Preceded by
Shirvanshah Akhsitan III
1294 - 1317
Succeeded by
Shirvanshah Keykubad I