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''Shoot the Messenger is an Android text messaging application, for the phrase "Shooting the messenger" see Shooting the messenger"

Shoot the Messenger is an Australian made Android text messaging (SMS) application[1] made by Moonth Media[2] and Anamorphica Productions. The app was first released in October 2013 on the Google Play store. Inspired after a trip to the bar on Christmas Eve the year before, the app was originally devised after Dan Johnson (Moonth) and Michael Glossop (Anamorphica) wanted to avoid sending text messages riddled with typos or possibly containing offensive or embarrassing content to friends and family they had saved on their mobile phones.

Since Christmas Eve in 2012, the app has grown to now encompass other features like blocking incoming texts and scheduling messages to be sent at later times and dates.

From when the app was first released in 2013, it has already undergone a complete UI redesign, following strong user feedback[3] suggesting it was badly needed. In particular, online tech blogging website Phonedog said the app was; "Simple and a little rough...this app isn't terribly pretty to look at."[4]

The app has received mixed reviews, with one reviewer stating; "Where's the refund button?"[5] while another has said; "Awesome! Works really well...So glad someone thought of this!"[6]

There is both a paid and free version currently available in the Google Play Store[7][8] with an iOS version tipped to be arriving soon.