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The Shukria are a large clan of Arab nomads. They are from the Goureish tribe, and their ancestor is Abdullah Aljawad bin Jaafar Altayar. They are known for nomadic life in the Buttana region of Sudan between the Atbara River and the Blue Nile southwest of the city of Khartoum. The family name of the principal branch of this clan is Abu Sin. Gedaref city is the center of the Shukria country, was formerly called Suk Abu Sin. Other towns include Halfa Aljadeeda, Kassala, Rofaa, Alfao, Algirba, and Tamboul.

They live primarily in rural villages and settlements situated along small waterways. These villages are of two different types: large villages, and the more common style of villages strung out along the Nile River in a continuous chain of closely adjacent huts.

The Shukria are primarily Sunni Muslims. They speak an Arabic dialect called Shukriyya.