Sicilian regional election, 1959

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The Sicilian regional election of 1959 took place on 7 June 1959.

Christian Democracy was by far the largest party, largely ahead of the Italian Communist Party. After the election Silvio Milazzo, leader of the Social Christian Sicilian Union and incumbent President, formed a new government that included the Italian Communist Party, the Italian Social Movement and the Italian Democratic Party.

The coalition, albeit with some minor changes, continued to lead the Region under Benedetto Majorana della Nicchiara (1960–1961) and was finally replaced by a coalition including the official Christian Democracy, the Communists and the Socialists in 1961, under President Giuseppe D'Angelo, a Christian Democrat.[1]


Parties votes votes (%) seats
Christian Democracy 937,734 38.6 33
Italian Communist Party 518,611 21.3 20
Social Christian Sicilian Union 257,023 10.6 9
Italian Socialist Party 237,708 9.8 12
Italian Social Movement 183,788 7.6 8
Italian Democratic Party 115,296 4.7 3
Italian Liberal Party 90,890 3.7 2
Italian Democratic Socialist Party 52,583 2.2 2
Others 35,587 1.5 -
Total 2,426,220 100.0 90

Sources: Istituto Cattaneo and Sicilian Regional Assembly