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The Siola d'oro ("Golden Swallow") is a biennial opera prize awarded in Gatteo since 1983, in memory of Lina Pagliughi.[1]

The award has been given to: Luciana Serra, June Anderson, Mariella Devia, Denia Mazzola, Enedina Lloris, Sumi Jo, Valeria Esposito, Patrizia Ciofi (1997), Jessica Pratt (soprano), Elizabeth Vidal, Stefania Bonfadelli, Annick Massis, Elena Mosuc, Pretty Yende.


  1. ^ Opera - Volume 48, Issues 7-12 - Page 107 1997 "The young soprano Patrizia Ciofi, who this year won the biennial prize of the 'Siola d'oro' awarded in memory of Lina Pagliughi, was fully equal to the daunting demands of the title role, and she produced some beautiful soft singing, supported ..."

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