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The Sioux route[1]
Distance Station
0 Chicago Union Station
17 mi (27 km) Glenview
50 mi (80 km) Fox Lake
74 mi (119 km) Walworth
89 mi (143 km) Avalon
99 mi (159 km) Janesville
107 mi (172 km) Milton Junction
115 mi (185 km) Edgerton
124 mi (200 km) Stoughton
133 mi (214 km) McFarland
140 mi (230 km) Madison
237 mi (381 km) Prairie du Chien
Mississippi River
239 mi (385 km) Marquette
534 mi (859 km) Canton
613 mi (987 km) Mitchell
755 mi (1,215 km) Murdo
Central/Mountain Time
899 mi (1,447 km) Rapid City

The Sioux was a named passenger train of the Milwaukee Road that operated between Chicago, Madison, Wisconsin, and Rapid City, South Dakota, via Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin and northern Iowa. The train, #11, westbound, and #22, eastbound, operated coaches, dining cars and sleeping cars through most of its history.

In the latter years of the 1950s, the Sioux operated a non-stop service between Chicago's Union Station and Madison, Wisconsin. On that route the train included a dining car serving breakfast, and a first-class parlor car. West of Madison the train carried a sleeping car and coaches. West of Madison it also operated as a mail train, making frequent stops. The train crossed the Mississippi River on the Pile–Pontoon Railroad Bridge.

On October 1, 1951, the train was cut back to a Chicago to Canton, South Dakota, service with prepaid taxi connections to nearby Sioux Falls. In 1960 the train was further cut back to a Chicago to Madison coach service.[2] The train ceased operation on May 1, 1971, when Amtrak assumed responsibility for providing a national rail service.


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