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Directed by Thomas Borch Nielsen
Produced by Søren Juul Petersen
Written by Thomas Borch Nielsen
Starring Lars Bom
Puk Scharbau
Jørgen Kiil
Karin Rørbeck
Music by Arne Schultz
Cinematography Lars Beyer
Edited by Kasper Leick
Distributed by Scanbox (Denmark)
Sterling Home Entertainment (USA)
Release date
1998 (Denmark)
Running time
97 mins
Country Denmark
Language Danish

Webmaster (original title Skyggen, also known as The Shadow) is a 1998 Danish cyberpunk thriller film.[1][2]

Directed by Thomas Borch Nielsen, it stars Danish actor Lars Bom as the cerebral, machine-like hacker-turned-webmaster J.B., who performs his job while hanging upside down, wearing virtual reality goggles, his mind busy deep inside cyberspace. Upon witnessing a murder, he teams up with the impulsive, energetic Miauv (Puk Scharbau).

Lars Bom won the Best Actor award at the Italian Fantafestival,[3] where the film also won for Best Special Effects.

The film furthermore won a Silver Grand Prize at the 1999 Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film, and a Danish Robert Award[4] for Best Production Design.

The movie was financed by the Danish bank "Forstædernes Bank" [5] and the final production cost was not disclosed by neither producers nor the director. When the movie was released in Denmark in 1998 it was met with mixed reviews and was released on VHS, never appearing in Danish movie theaters.[6]

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