Sleeping Dogs Lie (1998 film)

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Sleeping Dogs Lie
Sleeping Dogs Lie DVD.jpg
DVD cover
Written by
  • Fred McClement (original story)
  • Raymond Storey
Directed byStefan Scaini
Country of originCanada
Original language(s)English
Running time92 minutes (approx.)
Production company(s)Sullivan Entertainment[1]

Sleeping Dogs Lie is a 1998 film produced by Sullivan Entertainment and based on the true-life story of Ambrose Small, a Toronto millionaire who went missing after selling his chain of burlesque theatres for $1.7 million to Loew’s movie theatres. The film is inspired by the book The Strange Case of Ambrose Small by Fred McClement. It stars Wendy Crewson as Mrs. Theresa Small.

The character of Ambrose Small also appears as a major character in the Michael Ondaatje novel, In the Skin of a Lion.


It’s 1919 and wealthy Toronto theatre magnate Ambrose Small (Art Hindle) has just sold his chain of theatres for over a million dollars… but he doesn’t get a chance to enjoy it. Shortly after his wife Theresa (Wendy Crewson) deposits the cheque in the bank, Ambrose mysteriously disappears without a trace. Ambrose’s disappearance sets of a powder keg of accusations directed at Theresa and young detective Cole Willis (Joel Keller) is brought in for her protection. Cole is immediately infatuated with the beautiful and alluring widow and finds himself caught up in the growing scandal involving sex, drugs and seedy politics. Cole must wade through the lies, deceit and corruption that surround Theresa Small in order to find out if she is capable of murder.


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