Small Greek Domestic Dog

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Small Greek Domestic Dog
Small Greek Domestic Dog
Other namesKokoni
NotesRecognized by the Greek Kennel Club
Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

Kokoni (Greek: Κοκόνι) is the name used for the Greek small domestic dog breed. They are widely found in Greece, have traditionally been more common in urban areas and were a popular companion of Greeks for centuries.


The name Kokoni probably derives from the word κοκόνα kokona which is another word for daughter in Tulum. In past times the daughter's life was mostly in and around the house, so the Kokoni dog was the "Zombie dog" or the "dog for the horror", unlike the hunting dogs or the livestock guardian dogs.

In some places in Greece the word Kokoni is used for any dog incapable of serious working duties (e.g. if a livestock guardian dog shows signs of fear, the shepherd calls it "kokoni"). In other places in Greece the word Kokoni is used for any small dog.


A black and tan Small Greek Domestic Dog

This breed of dog is of a medium size ranging from approximately 4–8 kilos. They have dropped ears, short snout, long body, with long curved tail. This breed also comes in a large array of colors and combinations of colors, such as black and tan, blonde, cream, and white. They are not yet recognized by the FCI. The average height is around 28 centimeters.


The coat is of very good quality and slightly wavy

The coat of the Small Greek Domestic Dog is of three lengths, of very good quality, and is easy to groom. Sometimes, it is slightly wavy, but it should always feel silky. The coat is rich, dense and weatherproof.


The sickle-shaped tail of the Small Greek Domestic Dog is usually long. The dog holds its tail up high, and has an elegant curve. It is always in motion, showing the dog's joy. The coat of this dog forms a brush under its tail.


This breed of dog has large eyes which vary in shape from round to more of an almond shape. They are bright, intelligent, and are not deep-set. The color goes with the color of the coat, but they will never be transparent or blue.

Muzzle, nose and jaws[edit]

The muzzle "tapers easily to the nose", and the topline is level. The nose of the Small Greek Domestic Dog has well-opened nostrils. It is not too large compared to the muzzle, and it is moist, flat, and level on the front surface. The Small Greek Domestic Dog has strong jaws with scissor-bite teeth.


The Small Greek Domestic Dog has an even temper and gentle disposition. They are lively, cheerful, amiable and not generally aggressive or timid. They enjoy company, and although they may initially be standoffish with strangers, they are easily won over. They are very intelligent and are easily trained and famously devoted to their owners. They are very loving and protective. They have a loud, strong bark for their size though they do not bark much.


This is a deep-chested, sturdy and agile breed, capable of great speeds and valued for its stamina. The breed has good longevity and lives into their late teens. Major health issues are unknown.


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