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Two Snow boaters at Monarch Ski Area, Colorado

Snow boating or snow kayaking is a winter sport practised by some kayakers. It usually involves kayakers descending snow slopes, in contrast to river sports such as whitewater kayaking for which the boats were usually designed. Snow boating is typically done in the backcountry and occasionally at resorts and ski areas.[1] Races are held in a modus similar to those of snowboarding they are known as a boatercross. In the races, kayakers race to a finish line or point.

Powder and backcountry snow boating have steadily increased in popularity and many videos can be found online, reflecting the increase in the sport's popularity. Typically either playboats or creek-boats are used depending on the style of snowboating to be done. Although PFDs are not worn, helmets, and paddles are often used.


This sport has been officially around since the year 2002 where the first race was held in Lienz, Austria by a local group of kayakers.[2] In the year 2007 a so-called 'world championship' was held in Lienz where Peter Draxl from Austria was the first champion.[3] Rene Feuerstein (Austria) followed him in the year 2008 as the second world champion.

In Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir its first demonstration was given by J&K Ski & Mountaineering Association at Sonamarg in 2014. But after lapse of 3 years the Winter Games Association of J&K organised a 10-day course for 10 local boys at famous ski resort of the Himalayas Gulmarg. The former Kashmir University Aquatics and Adventure Sports Coach Muhammad Yusuf imparted training to the youth. The camp was held from 18th to 29 February 2017. The J&K State Cable Car Corporation sponsored the program, while the kayaks were provided by the Tourism Department of the state. The camp received wide coverage in the social, electronic and print media. please watch a video clip here :


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