So This Is Love (song)

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This article is about the FSOL song. For the Van Halen song, see So This Is Love? For other songs with the same title, see So This Is Love.
"So This Is Love"
Single by Mental Cube
from the album Earthbeat
B-side Q (Santa Monica Mix)
Released 1991
Format Vinyl
Recorded Earthbeat Studios
Square Bass NYC
mixed at PAL-NEROS, Santa Monica.
Genre Old school rave
Length 13:00
Label Debut
12" (DEBTX 3112)
Writer(s) Garry Cobain & Brian Dougans
Producer(s) FSOL
The Future Sound of London singles chronology
"So This Is Love"
"You Took My Love"

So This Is Love is a soulfull house track by FSOL under the moniker Mental Cube. Recorded in 1991, it was also featured on the Earthbeat compilation album of the following year.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. So This Is Love (4:50)
  2. So This Is Love (Neo Neo) (4:00)
  3. Q (Santa Monica Mix) (4:10)


  • Artwork By Buggy G. Riphead
  • Executive Producer - T. Jones
  • Producer - Future Sound Of London, The
  • Written By B. Dougans/G. Cobain
  • Written By B. Dougans, G. Cobain


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