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Industry Smart glass
Founded 2006
Headquarters Milpitas, California, United States
Key people
Rao Mulpuri (CEO)
Paul Nguyen (Chairman, Founder)
Products Switchable glass curtain walls, windows, doors, and skylights
Number of employees

View, previously Soladigm, is a company working on the development of energy-saving smart windows based on electrochromism that can control light and heat while maintaining view and reducing glare.[1][2] Originally named Echromics, Soladigm was founded in 2006 by Dr. Paul Nguyen, an expert who had worked in electrochromism since graduate school in the early 1990s at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 2007, Mike Scobey was hired to be CEO. Scobey was later replaced by Rao Mulpuri as the new CEO of the company.[3] On November 12, 2012, Soladigm announced a name change to View, Inc. and that its commercial-scale dynamic glass product is ready for global deployment.[4]


After raising around $10.6M in Series A funding from Sigma Partners and Khosla Ventures, Soladigm focused on building up a team of experienced technologists and executives and developing its technology.[5] In 2009, Soladigm closed an additional $20.7M in Series B funding from its existing investors and moved its headquarters from Santa Rosa to Milpitas, CA.[6] In late 2010, General Electric selected Soladigm to be a winner out of 3,800 contestants in 150 different countries in the Ecomagination Challenge.[7] In 2011, Soladigm raised at least $40M in Series C funding while receiving about $40M in loan from Mississippi to build its first manufacturing plant there.[8] In June 2012, View announced that it had raised $55M in Series D Financing.[9] In January 2015, View raised another $75M.[10]


The first switchable electrochromics window and skylight products from Soladigm are projected to reach the market in the spring of 2012.[dated info][11] In January 2012, Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of commercial and residential folding, stacking, and sliding glass doors and windows, glazed structures, and skylights, announced a new product offering with Soladigm's switchable electrochromic glass.[11] In April 2012, CrystaLite, Inc. began to offer a new product, Soladigm Dynamic Glass, to provide its customers with thermal comfort, energy saving, and architectural design freedom.[1] On May 10, 2012, Soladigm and Guardian Industries, one of the world's largest glass product manufacturers, announced a partnership to market and sell Soladigm Dynamic Glass in the commercial buildings sector.[12] In December 2013, a Forbes's article claimed that demands for View's products had been strong enough that View was sold out completely in 2013 and was working on fulfilling orders well into 2014.[13]


View's main competitors include SAGE Electrochromics in the US and EControl-Glas in Europe. Saint-Gobain, a French multinational corporation which has successfully commercialized switchable electrochromic sunroofs, recently paid $80M to purchase a 50% stake in SAGE Electrochromics.[14] Since 2010, Applied Materials started to explore electrochomic smart glass as a new business opportunity, leveraging its expertise in thin film deposition and manufacturing technologies.[15]


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