Sons and Daughters (1974 TV series)

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Sons and Daughters
Genre drama
Starring Gary Frank
Glynnis O'Connor
John S. Ragin
Debralee Scott
Composer(s) James Di Pasquale
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 9
Running time 60 minutes
Production company(s) Universal Television
Original network CBS
Original release September 11 – November 6, 1974
Gary Frank as Jeff Reed and his coach played by James Callahan.

Sons and Daughters is an American drama series that launched from the pilot television movie called Senior Year which aired on CBS from September 11 until November 6, 1974. The show was set in California during the mid-1950s and portrayed the trials of life for two young people — Jeff, portrayed by 24-year-old Gary Frank and Anita, played by 17-year-old Glynnis O'Connor. John S. Ragin portrayed Anita's divorced father, Walter Cramer.

The program, which contained strong adult themes for the time, was cancelled and replaced in December 1974 with a variety program starring singers Tony Orlando and Dawn. It was crushed in the ratings by Michael Landon's Little House on the Prairie, which ran in the same time slot on NBC.



Episode # Episode title Original airdate Plot
TBA "Senior Year" March 22, 1974
1-1 "Pilot" September 11, 1974 Anita stuns Jeff when she rejects his first declaration of love for her, refusing to tell him why.
1-2 "The Reputation" September 18, 1974 Proud and excited when she is named winner of an award presented annually to the outstanding girl at Southwest High, Anita is crushed when the committee suddenly revokes its decision.
1-3 "The Runner" September 25, 1974 Still mourning the death of his father, Jeff finally meets someone who is able to restore his zest for life—the track coach.
1-4 "Lucille's Problem" October 2, 1974 Anita is eager to become good friends with Jeff's mother,and both she and Jeff are deeply hurt when Lucille coldly and curtly makes it obvious that she resents Anita.
1-5 "The Accident" October 9, 1974 Jeff's close friendship with Stash Melnick is abruptly transformed when, in a cruel twist of fate, Jeff's mother is seriously injured by a car driven by Stash.
1-6 "The Rejection" October 16, 1974 Moose Kerner gets up the courage and takes Evie home to meet his folks, only to be forbidden by his father from seeing her again.
1-7 "The Pregnancy" October 23, 1974 Jeff's former girlfriend stuns him with the news that she's pregnant and pleads for his help.
1-8 "The Invitation" October 30, 1974 Although she has militantly refused to meet Jerry Michaelis, her mother's lover, Anita is trapped into confrontation.
1-9 "The Tryst" November 6, 1974 Jeff and Anita struggle with the decision about whether or not to have pre-marital sex.

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