Sooes River

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Sooes River
Country United States
State Washington
County Clallam
Source Olympic Mountains
 - coordinates 48°13′38″N 124°29′50″W / 48.22722°N 124.49722°W / 48.22722; -124.49722 [1]
Mouth Pacific Ocean
 - coordinates 48°19′27″N 124°39′27″W / 48.32417°N 124.65750°W / 48.32417; -124.65750Coordinates: 48°19′27″N 124°39′27″W / 48.32417°N 124.65750°W / 48.32417; -124.65750 [1]
Location of the mouth of the Sooes River in Washington

The Sooes River is a stream on the Olympic Peninsula in the U.S. state of Washington. It originates in the northwestern Olympic Mountains and empties into the Pacific Ocean.[2]

Aerial photograph of Sooes River mouth on Makah Reservation.


The Sooes River originates in the northwestern portion of Olympic Peninsula and flows generally northwest. Its tributaries include Snag Creek, Shafter Creek, Pilchuck Creek, Thirty Cent Creek, Miller Creek, Grimes Creek, Tyler Creek, and Kallapa Creek. Its lower reach flows through the Makah Reservation. It empties into the Pacific at Sooes Beach on Makah Bay, about a mile south of the mouth of the Waatch River.[2]

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