Sourdough Mountains

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Dege Peak on Sourdough Ridge offers a view Emmons Glacier (left) and Steamboat Prow (center) on the northeast side of Mount Rainier.
View from the Sunrise lodge area looking northeast. The subalpine meadows of Yakima Park cover the southern slopes of Sourdough Ridge

The Sourdough Mountains, also called Sourdough Ridge,[1] is a mountain ridge on the northeast side of Mount Rainier in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington, United States. The range forms an L-shape, starting at Mount Fremont, running east to Dege Peak, turning north to Slide Mountain.

The ridge is a popular hiking destination, due to the excellent view of Mount Rainier and its proximity to roads and the Sunrise Visitor Center.


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Coordinates: 46°55′17″N 121°36′47″W / 46.92139°N 121.61306°W / 46.92139; -121.61306