South Yorkshire Amateur Football League

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South Yorkshire Amateur Football League
Country England
DivisionsPremier Division
Number of teams9
Level on pyramid14
Feeder toSheffield & Hallamshire County Senior League
WebsiteResults site

The South Yorkshire Amateur Football League was a football competition for clubs in the Sheffield area of England. The competition was administered by the Sheffield and Hallamshire Football Association.[1]


League champions[edit]

1933–34 Rotherham Broom Sports
1934–35 Rotherham YMCA
1935–36 Rotherham YMCA
1936–37 A Rotherham YMCA
B Old Firparnians
1937–38 A Fulwood
B Penistone Church
1938–39 A Fulwood
B Woodseats Methodists
1939–40 Not played due to WWII
1946–47 Fulwood
1947–48 Sheffield University
1948–49 Sheffield University
Season Division One Division Two
1949–50 Sheffield Training College Little Matlock
1950–51 Sheffield Training College Ravens Amateur
Season Division One Division Two Division Three
1951–52 Ravens Amateur
1952–53 Sheffield Training College
1953–54 Old Edwardians Old Centralians Croft House
1954–55 Sheffield reserves De La Salle Old Boys Old Cestrefeldians 'B'
1955–56 Sheffield Training College Sheffield Transport Greenhill
1956–57 Sheffield Training College Sheffield University Nether Edge Old Boys
1957–58 Sheffield Training College 'A' Electric Sports Holly Guild
1958–59 Old Firparnians Hollinsend Amateurs English Steel Corporation
1959–60 Old Firparnians
1960–61 Sheffield Training College
1961–62 Old Firparnians Sheffield Bankers Sheffield Bankers 'B'
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
1962–63 Electricity Sports Croft House Hollinsend Amateurs Oughtibridge
1963–64 Sheffield Training College De La Salle Old Boys Oughtibridge Sheffield Teachers
1964–65 Sheffield Training College Oughtibridge Sheffield Teachers Sandersons Sports
1965–66 Sheffield Training College Sheffield Teachers Sandersons Sports Colley YS
1966–67 Sheffield Training College
1967–68 Hollinsend Amateurs
1968–69 Not finished
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two Division Three
1969–70 Old Firparnians Sheffield Education Woodthorpe Longley BC
1970–71 Old Edwardians Old Boys Woodthorpe Crosspool Swan
1971–72 Abbeydale Old Boys
1972–73 Crosspool Dore Wadsley Church
1973–74 Crosspool Wadsley Church Public Works Department
1974–75 Trustee Savings Bankers Ash House Club Double Meynell Sports
1975–76 Hollinsend Amateurs Park Meynell Sports Ecclesfield
1976–77 Woodbourn Meynell Sports Middlewood Hospital
1977–78 Meynell Sports Middlewood Hospital Wadsley Bridge Brown Bear
1978–79 Earl Francis Old Firparnians Stannington College Dixcel
1979–80 Earl Francis Stannington College 'A' Old Cestrefeldians Hurlfield Youth Club
1980–81 Old Edwardians Jordanthorpe Old Boys Hurlfield Youth Club Gleadless
1981–82 Hollinsend Albion Darnall Dixcel Sports Red Grouse
1982–83 Stannington College 'A' Ecclesfield Escalop Handsworth Methodists
1983–84 Stannington College 'A' Woodthorpe Handsworth Methodists Middlewood
1984–85 Hurlfield Youth Club Red Grouse Granville Sports 85 Phoenix 'A'
1985–86 Sheffield Foundry WMC Granville SP Phoenix 'A' DS Tooling
1986–87 Dixcel Sports Phoenix 'A' DS Tooling Sheffield Academicals
1987–88 De La Salle Old Boys Grade A Joinery Sheffield Academicals Midland Bank
1988–89 De La Salle Old Boys Sheffield Gas Midland Bank Melchester Rovers
1989–90 Sheffield Gas Hollinsend Albion Melchester Rovers Manpower Rangers
1990–91 Freedom 90 Sheffield Medics 'A' Stocksbridge Park Steels 3rds Elm Tree
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
1991–92 Stannington United Stocksbridge Park Steels 3rds Elm Tree
1992–93 Dixcel Sports Elm Tree Record Tools
1993–94 Elm Tree Burncross Gate 13
1994–95 Market Inn Midland Bank Davy reserves
1995–96 Burncross Oughtibridge WMSC reserves Hillsborough
1996–97 Burncross Hillsborough Crookes WMC
Season Premier Division Division One
1997–98 Elm Tree Railway
1998–99 Hillsborough Bradway
1999–00 Forum Wombwell Main
2000–01 Hollinsend Amateurs A Silkstone United
B Junction
2001–02 Fullflow Fairway Jubilee Sports
2002–03 Silkstone United Phoenix All Stars
2003–04 Cross Scythes
Season Premier Division Division One
2004–05 Jubilee Sports Yew Tree
2005–06 Jubilee Sports Grimethorpe Athletic
2006–07 Grimethorpe Athletic Kiveton Park reserves
2007–08 Aston A New Bohemians
B Sheffield West End
Season Premier Division Division One Division Two
2008–09 Gleadless Boynton Sports Surud United
2009–10 Jubilee Sports Sheffield Medics Manor Castle
Season Premier Division Division One
2010–11 Gleadless Royston
2011–12 Jubilee Sports North Gawber Colliery
2012–13 North Gawber Colliery Dodworth Miners Welfare
2013–14 Byron House
2014–15 Grimethorpe Sports
2015–16 Sheffield Medics

League Cup finals[edit]

Season Winner Result Runner-up Venue
1982–83 Darnall Wellington
1983–84 Hurlfield Youth Club
1984–85 Windsor reserves
1985–86 Stannington College A
1986–87 Jordanthorpe Old Boys A
1987–88 Stannington College Stannington United
1988–89 Stannington United Granville College
1989–90 LDS Devonshire Arms
1990–91 Elm Tree 3–0 Phoenix 'A'
1991–92 Elm Tree New Life
1992–93 Castle College
1993–94 De La Salle Old Boys
1994–95 Gate 13
1995–96 Burncross 2–1 Oughtibridge War Memorial SC reserves
1996–97 Hillsborough
1997–98 Hillsborough
1998–99 Hillsborough
1999–00 Forum
2000–01 Burncross 1–0 Silkstone United Woodbourn Road
2001–02 Silkstone United
2002–03 Everest 6–1 Silkstone United Bracken Moor
2003–04 Sheffield Bankers 3–2 Oxspring United Bracken Moor
2004–05 Cross Scythes 2–1 Sheffield Bankers 'A' Bracken Moor
2005–06 Grimethorpe Athletic 3–1 Thorncliffe
2006–07 Grimethorpe Athletic 1–0 Athersley Recreation reserves Bracken Moor
2007–08 Gleadless 2 – 2 (3p2) Aston
2008–09 Furnace 4–2 New Bohemians Bracken Moor
2009–10 New Bohemians 3–1 Gleadless Bracken Moor
2010–11 Jubilee Sports 2–1 Gleadless Bracken Moor
2011–12 North Gawber Colliery 2–0 Aquaforce Barnsley reserves Bracken Moor
2012–13 North Gawber Colliery 2–1 Sheffield Medics Bracken Moor
2013–14 Byron House 3–2 Millmoor Juniors 'A' Bracken Moor
2014–15 Sheffield Medics 1–0 Brinsworth Whitehill Bracken Moor
2015–16 Sheffield Medics 2–1 Euroglaze Bracken Moor


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