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Kent Invicta is a defunct rugby league team that were based in Maidstone, Kent and later Southend in Essex.


Kent Invicta RLFC and Southern Invicta RLFC[edit]

Kent Invicta RLFC was formed by a local businessman, Paul Faires, and Jim Thompson, Maidstone United FC's chairman.[citation needed][when?] The club was admitted to the Rugby Football League on 6 April 1983 and entered the Second Division.[citation needed] The moniker "Invicta" (unvanquished) is the motto of Kent. The club colours consisted of a black shirt with an amber chevron, black shorts and black socks. The club played its first game at London Road, Maidstone, a ground it shared with Maidstone United.[citation needed] It lost the game 31-12 against Cardiff City Blue Dragons. By 6 November 1983 the club was bankrupt. Despite its financial problems, the club continued playing competitively.[clarification needed]

In late 1984 the team became Southend Invicta, and started playing games at the Roots Hall Stadium in Southend. The club colours changed to white shirts with a blue V, white shorts and white socks. Invicta were struck from the 1985-86 fixtures by the Rugby Football League because it was considered not to have formed a team.[citation needed] It went into liquidation soon afterwards.[citation needed]

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